Saturday, August 25, 2007

Let he who has ear, HEAR!

I am thinking about tomorrows service. Our Communion Service.
Pastor is taking a leap with not just having a typical service but making everything about communion even down to the songs that are woven through the whole thing.

I am praying for God's spirit to move in the hearts of all who come.
I am praying for His spirit to empower Pastor to preach what God has for His people.
I am praying for an openness to hear.
I am praying for me, my family and for others and their families.
I pray that all who hear and understand.
This life is not about safety. God never called us to be safe.
He called us to live a life for Him and in doing so find true safety.

I read a story recently of a Pastor in a very remote western area of China.
He and his family were taken by the local authorities to a pit, where they were slowly buried alive. The pastor was told that all he had to do was deny his Christ and he and his family would be free. This pastor watched as his 2 kids slowly died, then his wife and finally himself.
Our suffering is but a blimp on the radar of eternity.

Is my life too safe? Am I truly willing to take up my cross and follow Christ daily.
Lord, please help me to live the life of a real life Lion Chaser, not just merely a kitten herder.
Help me to live on the forefront of change where you are, not in the back ground of complacency.
Help me not to expect access to Heaven when I live with a distracted devotion to you.
Let not a day go by that I do not listen for what you would have me do.

"True Strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life, through devotion, to something beyond himself." ~Henry Miller~

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joshua said...

Great Post!

Thanks for your prayers for me and all who come!