Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Vacation! (PTO=Part Time Off)

Well, we are enjoying our time off....
We came and went to the Church Camp I grew up at as a child. The cottage we have on the camp grounds was 'home' when growing up. Since we moved every 3 to 4 years the cabin was the 1 stable place that I knew as a child. Camp was great, we made it the final couple of nights.

Then we spent a week in Indiana with family. Last Friday we went to Pennsylvania (Another 12 hours drive from Indiana :^( )
Mandy's family had their bi-yearly reunion. It was a nice time.

Then we got back This past Monday. Mandy's dad had a total Knee replacement. Fun!!

Right now we are in Michigan (3 hours north of Indiana) visiting friends from when we lived up here before Iowa. That was fun. We went swimming.
Gavin decided he wanted to go under.... He was standing on the steps of the pool and slipped. Poor guy was kicking for about 5 seconds (seemed like an eternity) before Mandy and I were able to get to him. That was scary!! He is fine and actually wanted to go swimming again! We will see when it does actually happen how quick he is to get in!

I made the joke about PTO meaning Part Time Off.... I have had numerous calls this week from all sorts of people. Fun!!

The worst one came via email tonight. My Boss, Fred, resigned. That was earth shattering. I have known Fred since he started with the company 10 years ago. He is the only reason I am a District Manager, I wanted to work for him.
With all other uncertainty's this add's to them and makes me wonder what God has in store for myself and my family?

At first we thought Indiana was calling. My father wanted us to come and be a High School teacher at their school, youth pastor, and music director for the church. I have started to feel a sort of disconnect lately with work and wondering what God is preparing me for...
But then this week they found a High School Teacher! God definitely brought this to them!
But still the question's which I am having are put to a mega phone with the resignation of my friend and Boss. What do you have for me Lord? 'Speak O, Lord. I am listening!"

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joshua said...

Hey man

when are you coming back? We have missed you!

Lets grab some coffee, when you get back!