Friday, June 29, 2007

Blog, journel, or diary? Which one is it?

Well, I have never been one to journal or write my thoughts down for one simple reason: when I did and I read them years later I saw them as trivial.

Yet here I am beginning to write one. Call it therapy, call it a desire to share my thoughts with others, call it heresy. Call it what you like. Just don't call me. I've never been one to share my thoughts openly in depth. I will share you observations etc… but not personal contemplative thoughts.
But from time to time I will write such on here, contemplative moments of introspect.
Tonight I was reading in Lead Like Jesus about the Habits of Jesus. One of these was prayer which prompted the Poetic free verse on the previous blog. As I continued reading I was gripped by a verse where Jesus asked of Peter, "Do you Love me?". Jesus replied, each time about his sheep. I was thinking of this and what he meant. Obviously Peter didn't become a chef or miracle worker who performed at Branson "Feeding of the 5,000: at 12:30, 2:30, 4:30 and 7:30; Seeting is limited, please arrive early…"

Jesus related Love with the lost sheep. When I read that I was taken to 2 times in scripture where love for the Lost sheep stuck out to me. First we see in the Old Testament where the Lord has come and told Abraham of his plan to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham was so taken with emotion for the Lost that he ARGUED with God. He argued that God save the city for just the few good people. His heart broke at the news of his neighbors, as evil as they were, bleak future.
The second item then that came to mind was when Jesus was walking towards Jerusalem towards the end of his ministry. He was taken back by emotion while looking at the city. What was going through his head, just the events of those few days coming, or the history since the beginning of time of all humanity?
We see the reverse of this heart for the Lost in Jonah who sat outside of Nineveh and was upset that God saved the people who repented…
What side do I sit on… Does my heart break in compassion and a deep earnest desire to, in the words of my father, "Make it to heaven and take as many with me as I can." Or do I sit and pray judgment and damnation on all who refuse to believe? Kill 'em all and Let God sort them out was an old Southern phrase that fits this mentality. Yet as large of a gap between these two and as absurd as they sound many "churches" in today's western society fit in the later group even though they do not intentionally mean to. A Lack of seeking to win the lost, of being Jesus to them, is the same as wishing them to Hell.

We are called to GO! Not sit and contemplate going. Not to sit and pay others to go. We are all called to Go and share.
Have you ever met a young teen who has just received their first job or first car? They are so excited they can't wait to tell everyone. As children of God who have a real relationship with Jesus, we should be driven to tell EVERYONE we come into contact with about him. Don't look down on the "Soap Box" preacher, or the farmer with the large "Believe in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ" signs, they are doing what they are called to do. At least they are Doing!!
We should be tripping over each other to share the news that is in us. In a world of hurt, lost, lonely and searching people we have a God who, as Isaiah 43 says, knows them by name and they are His. Daddy Has a plan. Jer. 29:11.
Are you doing your part in His plan, the one you were created for? Am I?

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