Friday, June 29, 2007

Private Sancuary

I entered into this world
Without a care;
Now it seems I have them all.
I'm seeking for some solitude,
To hide away from it all.
To the fields of the earth
I go to bury my soul.
To the doors of the mountains
In the depth of them all
I go to empty my heart.
I go to these places,
My personal sanctuaries,
To meet alone with God.
Sometimes he meets me here,
While other times I feel far away.
Drowning in my thoughts and cares,
Swallowed up I begin to despair.
God, I cry out.
Bring me up to your private sanctuary.
Wipe away my cares,
For you have paid my fare.
Words Can't describe
Those times when I am taken
To another place,
That great private sanctuary.
So empty it looks to others,
Yet I do not notice,
For it is full of my obsession,
The object of my desire.
The Lord most Holy Has entered here
To sit with me.
No words need shared
No token's given.
Just time alone in this private Sanctuary.
by CAC April 17,2007

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