Thursday, September 20, 2012

The end of our Journey...

We arrived late last night into Hong Kong by van.
Found something to eat at the airport and went to bed.

I know that my kids are ready for us to be home. Especially Dakotah. She was texting like crazy to my phone so I finally said via text about it costing. So you finally stopped.

Instead at 12:41 am Hong Kong time I get a call and voicemail. "hi. We made it. " and other things about her day. Cute! Even though it woke me up to hear the voicemail it was cute.

But then. An hour or so later I get 6 unknown phone calls within a 10 min time frame. Remember it is almost 2 in the Am. We have an early flight. So finally I picked it up and it was Dakotah. Yeah. So I explained how much i loved her but that we were in a different time and she woke us up each time. Too funny.

So now I am writing this somewhere over the Canada airspace. In about 3 hours our kids will be American Citizens!

Home stretch!

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