Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Admiral: The David Robinson Story by Gregg and Deborah Shaw Lewis

I grew up in the days of the Basketball hero's.  Michael Jordan ruled (before he retired the FIRST time), Scotty Pippen was his protege; Larry Byrd flew; Magic Johnson was only known for Basketball;

But growing up there was one player who I enjoyed to watch more then most, David 'The Admiral' Robinson.  David Robinson was the 'perfect sport', a great player, a team player and a Christian.

I can remember reading articles on him in Sports Illustrated, or Sport's spectrum (The Christian version of SI).  When it came to his Integrity there was no one who compared except maybe Billy Graham.  I remember reading of his stance on abstinence and other items. 

So when I saw this book for young boys, I knew I had to pick it up and review it and hand it to my son.

Here is what the publisher had to say:

Disciplined Life, Determined Athlete, Devoted Christian Kids will be inspired by the compelling story of David 'The Admiral' Robinson, who went from the Navy to the NBA, becoming MVP center for the San Antonio Spurs. When David Robinson became MVP center for the San Antonio Spurs, he seemed to have it all---fame, success, wealth, and a wonderful family---but he didn't feel complete until he found his faith. This is the true story of one man's disciplined life, how he excelled in academics and sports, and who isn't afraid to share his utter devotion to God.

So final thoughts: David Robinson is one of the Best players the NBA has ever seen; yet off the court his legacy is even greater!  This book will help introduce young boys to this giant of a man.
You will not be disappointed.

Thanks to the publisher for sending this Ebook to me for free to review.  This review is my true review and not 'driven' by the publisher.

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