Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cross Roads by Wm. Paul Young: a 5 star Book!

Rarely do I read a work of Fiction that changes my life, one that impacts me and helps me to deepen my faith.  I have read some great fiction, C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Jon Henderson, James Byron Huggins, Ted Deckker and many others; yet none of those impacted my way of life, or my thinking in the way that one author has.

            Classic literature is filled with controversy and topics that made people think.  “Oliver Twist”; “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”; “War and Peace” these are just some titles that not only were good reads but led to a revolution of thought.

            Back in 2008 a book came out by Wm. Paul Young called the Shack.  This single book went on to be on every Best Seller list and sell millions of copies.  The book wasn’t without it’s controversies yet when one set down and read it in its entirety and in the concept of a fiction titles they could understand it so much better.

            Wm. Paul Young is back.  This November 2012 his second work is coming out entitled “Cross Roads”.  I received a free preview copy from Hachette Book Group to review.  

            In this story Young takes on the concept of the Soul.  What is it?  What does it look like?  We follow a man who had it all, wealth, fame, etc… but used his family as a stepping stone as well as anyone else who got in his way.  When his life is suddenly traumatized and he finds him self in coma we begin to see what takes place.

            Follow Tony as he journeys through the hear and now visiting in minds of those surrounding him.  And what happens when Jesus himself tells Tony that he could heal one person?  Will the selfish man win, or will Tony experience a change in heart?

            As always, since this book deals with the Trinity, and deals with the Soul and the topic of what happens when a body is not dead but not full of life, there will be controversy.  Expect it, and embrace it.  Learn from it!

            There is a line at the end of the book that I feels sums it up the best:

“Imagery,” added Grandmother, “has never been able to define God, but it is our intention to be known, and each whisper and breath of imagery is a little window into a facet of our nature.  Pretty cool, eh?”

If you look for Truth you may find comfort in the end.
If you look for comfort you will not get neither comfort nor truth,
Only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin and in the end, despair.   
~C.S. Lewis

This is a must read.  Put all other fiction aside and read this book as soon as it comes out!
You will not be disappointed and you will be led to THINK!

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