Friday, September 21, 2012

Leading The Way Through Daniel by Michael Youssef

I recently received a free copy of this book from the publisher. 
I admit that going into this read I was very testing and skeptical, as all Christians should be when reading others interpret scripture for you. But primarily due to having read and not cared for the previous book on Ephesians.

So I was surprised and taken back by this book. If you recall I went into Ephesians thinking this to be either on Leadership or a Bible commentary. They are not fully neither item.  So having gone into Daniel not expecting this made it much easier to read!

Leading Through Daniel is an amazing look at this book in the Bible. Now that I was prepared for the authors format I was able to really enjoy this book.

Here is what the publisher had to say:
Daniel lived as an exile in a hostile country, yet when he committed himself in faith to serve his limitless God, he achieved the impossible. How did Daniel maintain his bold witness for God in spite of bullying and intimidation? How did he prepare himself for the tests and temptations of life?
Like Daniel, believers today live in a culture that is hostile to biblical values. It takes great courage and faith to live as followers of Christ in a post-Christian world characterized by moral depravity, injustice, idolatry, and more. In Leading the Way through Daniel, Michael Youssef passionately shows readers that the resources Daniel relied on are equally available to them.
Sound teaching, vibrant illustrations, a brisk conversational style, and a discussion guide will enable readers to take the truths of the book of Daniel andapply them to the pressures, trials, and temptations they face in today’s culture.

Check it out for yourself.  You will really be challenge and helped to see Daniel in more depth!

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