Friday, September 21, 2012

Leading at the Edge by Dennis N.T. Perkins

What happens when we look at the lives of skilled leaders in History? 
Are there any laws or things we can learn from?
Of course, and of course there are hundreds of books that do that...

And yet another author decides to write a book about them.

okay, now that I got that out let me recover by saying up front I am partial in a good way to this book on leadership.

For years I have been captivated with Shackleton and his ill-fated and almost deadly voyage. 
Only through endurance, will and fortitude of mind did he and his crew prevail.   
This book takes a look at leadership through key principles that Shackelton models.

Here is what the publisher had to say:
For the 100th anniversary of the Race to the South Pole, a fresh look at what Shackleton's legendary Antarctic adventure can teach us about true leadership.
Stranded in the frozen Antarctic sea for nearly two years, Sir Ernest Shackleton and his team of 27 polar explorers endured extreme temperatures, hazardous ice, dwindling food, and complete isolation. Despite these seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the group remained cohesive, congenial, and mercifully alive—a fact that speaks not just to luck but to an unparalleled feat of leadership.
Drawing on this amazing story, Leading at The Edge demonstrates the importance of a strong leader in times of adversity, uncertainty, and change. The book reveals 10 timeless leadership lessons that show readers how to:
Instill optimism while staying grounded in reality • Have the courage to step up to risks worth taking • Consistently reinforce the team message • Set a personal example • Find something to celebrate and something to laugh about • Never give up
Part adventure tale, part leadership guide, the second edition fea tures additional lessons, new case studies of the strategies in action, tools to uncover and resolve conflicts, and expanded resources. An updated epilogue compares the leadership styles of the famous polar explorers Shackleton, Amundsen, and Scott. Today’s leaders have much to learn from this gripping account of survival against all odds. Leading at The Edge will help them bring order to chaos—and achieve success in the face of adver sity.
DENNIS N.T. PERKINS, PH.D. (Madison, CT) is the chief executive offi cer of The Syncretics Group, a consulting firm dedicated to effec tive leadership in demanding environments. MARGARET P. HOLTMAN is founder of Margaret Holtman, LLC, which specializes in leadership solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations. PAUL R. KESSLER is a consultant and coach with over 15 years of experience. CATHERINE MCCARTHY, PH.D., is a consultant for Korn/Ferry International.

So check this out. You will not be disappointed and the history connection makes it even better!

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