Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day Sixteen of the Journey

Well today has come and gone.
Sunday. It normally consists of church and worship. For the past two Sunday's there were no churches around.
This Sunday we found a Church at the Shaman Island. It was great to be apart of it even if we did arrive late.
Let me tell you the ushers were amazing. This church is at the end of a tourist attraction area so the ushers see people at the gate and hand them a card about their church (it is in chinese and english). Then they invite you in. We were standing just out side when another usher came and took us to a side room.
This church seated maybe 50-60 people. The over flow maybe 40. They were filled and the neatest was the testimony given from a missions trip
It was a great refresher.

Now then the rest of the day... Ella has become very fussy. Tonight she fussed for almost an hour straight. I should say cried, wailed and fussed. It is so hard to communicate to a deaf child when their eyes are closed.
How often do we do that to God? We are so deaf to His gift of grace he wants to give yet we wont open our eyes to see Him give it to us. Or we don't listen wen he says you don't have to be perfect.

Man. That bit hit me tonight.

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