Monday, September 17, 2012

Day Seventeen of the Journey

I am so enjoying this trip. It has been 17 days since I have truly worked. Now I have checked emails and sent some reply's. But I have not worked. It has been refreshing!

Today we went to have the kids TB test read. Ie look at the arms mark as Yes and on we went. A total of five mins. That would have been the day so we asked the guide to take us to the pearl market.
I don't know if normally the americans want to be done and at the hotel by noon or what but no mater where we were back in two hours. Personally i like seeing more of the culture. So tonight we took a taxi to Beijing street markets.

This is sort of like an outdoor mall. 400 meters long of shops. It was fun. The kids though were tired and Ella was cranky again. Crying at everything.

The taxi rides are adventurous since communicating in a foreign language is hard. You then sit there trying to get your barring's thinking "did he understand?". "that building didn't look familiar".

But all was well and good.
Tomorrow we go to the consulate. No clue how long that will be. Praying the kids are good!!

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