Monday, September 3, 2012

Day four of the journey!!

We got her. Today was Chen Fu Yi's gotcha day.

After exchanging the money we need to pay tomorrow we headed to the child services offices. While taking the five min drive our guide received the call that they were already there.

The director and Chen Fu Yi were there.

So we took the elevator to the 14th floor. As soon as we walked in we saw a little girl with longer hair sitting in a man's lap. It didnt register for me at first but after a second it hit me. She smiled got down and even called us ma ma and ba ba. She was the 48th child adopted from this province this year.

The first evening went great. We walked to KFC and she ate really well. Then upon getting to the hotel again realized this hyper girl needed a toy. So we went to the mall and got a Hello Kitty toy.
And also bought a hair barrette at a small store on the walk back.

So we played toys and enjoyed our evening until bed time when we all crashed. She has slept amazingly well.

Praises that she has connected so well with us!

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