Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Big Year....

I am an avid Movie Watcher.  In fact I would say I am a Movie Connoisseur...

Very RARELY do I ever promote the movies, secular or Christian.  Typically there is too much 'junk' filling up an otherwise good film.

Well, the above film surprised me.  The Big Year.  3 people working to identify the MOST birds in one year.
So it was funny, clean etc...  but what really spoke to me was the final message.

Jack Black and Steve Martin's characters really wanted to be first, but they were unwilling to do 'whatever it took'.  Owen Wilson's character we watch is losing his 3rd marriage due to his obsession.

the message was clear, family MUST come first before all other hobbies, pursuits etc...

While this isn't a CHRISTIAN film and misses the point of calling on Jesus First!  But still shows that we must set priorities in life!

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