Friday, March 16, 2012

101 Things you Thought You knew About the Titanic

I received the book, 101 Things You Thought You Knew About the Titanic by Tim Maltin, as an ebook from the publisher Penguin Books.

As you all know I am a history buff... I LOVE HISTORY!  I am the only person you know who not only has Usher's Annuals of World History but who has read almost the entire thing... (If you don't know what that is...)

Anyways, I loved this book.  With the anniversary of the fateful trip upon us, I was intrigued.  I still remember a neighbor who had the newspaper from that day.  She had been 12 at the time, and she told me what it was like to hear that news personally.  So I couldn't wait to look at this book.  I was amazed at many of the items that are commonly believed about the sinking of the Titanic that are FALSEHOODS or rumors that were propagated early on before the truth made it out.

For example, many of you have heard that they had too FEW life boats to code, when in actuality they had as many as they should via the code of the day.  What about the claim that the Christening of the boat with the bottle of Champagne that didn't break??  WRONG!!  Or that just like in the movie the Irish immigrants were locked down stairs.. WRONG!!!

This book takes the details from a inquiry trial that took place with all involved and the survivors and details their answers and responses...

Here is what the publisher had to say...
Ever since that night, fact has merged with fiction about what really happened. Now, for the first time, Titanic expert and author Tim Maltin gathers together all the key elements surrounding the disaster and presents a fascinating, compulsive and accurate account of what really happened. Taking as his lead one hundred and one oft-quoted theories about the fateful night, Maltin uses eyewitness testimony to rigorously examine each one in chronological order, and in so doing tells the true story of the Titanic and the night she sank with the loss of 1,500 lives.

So If you are interested in truth, and half truths this is a GREAT book for you!

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