Monday, September 12, 2011

2011 Monterrey Mexico Mission Trip

I was wanting to share my thoughts with everyone about the most recent trip to Mexico that I led for New Life Garage and New Life Network; but I wasn't sure where to start. How do you sum up an experience like this? How do you narrow the shifts that occur in your life in the confines of the English language? On this post I am going to share with you just a simple overview of what we did. We arrived on Monday evening and after the hour ride to the LDM (Lugar De Misericordia) we went to my favorite place Casa Hogar Douglas whose team captain is a Great man of God and friend, Jim Betscher. While there we did a cookout for all the kids of the home.
Then on Tuesday we went to one of the squatter's villages the Cadaryta. This is ran by Pastor Angel who was an amazing man whose trust of God has called him to this place. We were at his Church doing some work. There was not a solid roof, so we were putting on a temporary tin roof.
There is a mother who is living in a home on this roof. Her husband recently passed away leaving her and her children homeless. He passed away from HIV complications. She and her oldest also have HIV. Would you live in these conditions?
We also did a play for the kids and feed them supper.
Wednesday we worked all day at Del Norte with the kids. From playing with them to then a full concrete pour on a roof... it was 5 hours of long hard work.
Then Thursday we took the kids from Del norte to the zoo. It was a neat trip because instead of taking the entire home we took only the kids who deserved it! It was a very special day for me as Dakotah's pen pal, my shelter child, Pamela got to go with us! She lives at the Douglas home. It was very special for me!
Then Friday we were on our way home!

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