Saturday, November 7, 2009

a light in the Darkness shines...

This morning at 3:30 am, after having just retreated to the bed room at about 1:00 am; we were woke up by Mandy's mom. Her dad was not doing well at all. We called the EMS and they came and took him to the Hospital, where he is still.
All of my kids decided to wake up at that time (around 3:55 as the EMS was pulling away). So after putting them to bed again, and checking on Mandy, I went to check on them again. They were wide awake but being quite and good.
I went in and brought all 3 of them up to the bed with me and we talked.
I reminded them of my Grandmother who passed away from Cancer last year. We talked about how she was in Heaven because she loved Jesus.
Gavin asked "Why did Jesus walk on water?"...
"Because he is Jesus and can do really amazing things."
"Why did Peter sink?"
"Because he didn't Trust Jesus. Just like how Mommy and Daddy made it through when Grandma Holloway died because we Trusted Jesus that he would take care of her because she Loved Jesus"
So they sat there... I finally looked over at Gavin who had a very serious look on his face and he said "Daddy, I want to go to heaven when I die."
So I told him to tell Jesus he Loved him and wants to live for Him.
And in his own precious words he did!
I then hugged him and cried abit then looked over at Dakotah and asked her if she wanted to do that to and she did in her own words as well!
It was such a precious moment that I will not forget.
Nov. 7th at 4 am 2009.

A light in the darkness shines...

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Angela Sustala said...

That is just the most precious thing, ever! Praise God!