Friday, November 6, 2009

Master Leaders by George Barna

Everyone’s dream is to find a MENTOR. Someone who is better/ smarter than they in their chosen field or profession and to learn from them.

So now imagine with me an opportunity to sit and listen to 30 of the best business professionals share their tips and dig into the nit and gritty of what each of them are saying.

Master Leaders is one such book. It is written as if it is a conversation of round tables with 30 different leaders getting together and talking about their areas of expertise and sharing how they all agree on the keys. In the typical informative and easy to read style that George Barna is known for.

This book speaks to the following topics:
Unexpected Discoveries
Defining and Evaluating Real Leadership
Vision and Values
Creating Culture
Developing Leaders
Hiring the Right People
Leading Well
Earning and Maintaining Trust
Confrontation and Conflict
Team Building
Faith and Morals
Criticism and Pressure
Skills and Discipline

This is a book that I truly enjoyed reading and will be something that I will go back to often to reference while in business.

Thanks to Tyndale Publishing for giving me the opportunity to check this book out!
I recommend that if you are in a position of Leadership; go check this out at your local Family Christian Stores.

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