Friday, October 2, 2009

Information age?? I THINK NOT!

So we live in a society where:
- You can search the internet for EVERYTHING
-Immediately get a dictionary, thesarus etc..
-Watch movies
-See documents from ages long past
-See photos and stream video from across the globe

Yet what is the down fall... WE FORGET. But how can we forget when we can find it all?
This past year on Bethovan's birthday it was found in the very museum in his honor, a piece of music that had not been heard for over 200 years.
Or today, a video showing the real Anne Frank watching the girl next door getting married.

How about the 100's of species that were thought to be extinct that have been found recently. Or even the new species found.

Do we really know it all?
I live near DC now and everytime I walk by the 'Castle' (Smithsonian Castle) I think my dream would be to walk the halls of this castle and see all the long forgotten relics. The items deemed not important enough to be on display.

Life can be just like that Castle. We have our 'smithsonians' for people. We put the celbrities, the musicians etc.. in the museums. But the ordinary folks are put to the side. Then there are those who feel less than ordinary. They see themselves as relics hidden in the halls of a storage unit never to be seen or missed.

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