Friday, September 18, 2009

Jesus Nation by Joe Stowell

Are you a sports fan by chance? Say a member of the CUB NATION? Personally I choose to side with the TIGER NATION! Author Joe Stowell is of the Cubs nation. A die hard, will always root for you no matter how long your losing stretch is.

Joe Stowell’s latest book is entitled the JESUS NATION the basic concept of this book is that when you are a CUB NATION member your race, occupation, upbringing, financial status etc.. do not mean a thing. You all are in the same boat and will gladly root for a common cause. In one voice crying out for victory at the games; or in unison watching a game and cheering as your team goes for another loss (as is the case for the Cubs too often).

The concept is simple: If we as Christians were to view this as a TEAM, a JESUS NATION, would we spend so much time fighting and separating on little things. Would Music styles be such a major separation? Would we not unite on the front of bring more people into our JESUS NATION? What if the churches in your town were all to come together to help the poor, the orphan and the Widow? Would it make an impact? Would there be a difference?

The book is written in 4 parts.
Part 1: Bewildered: Understanding Our Dilemma
Part 2: Belonging to His Nation: Life with Jesus the King
Part 3: Behaving Jesusly: Identity, Direction, and Confidence
Part 4: Becoming True Jesus Nationals: Generosity, Grace, and Glory

This book did a great job of breaking down what it would look like if we were to live as a Jesus Nation; The way it would look, the way we should act, and the issues that can stop us from living this way such as selfish acts or building barns instead of giving generously.

I would definitely recommend this book (Even though the author is a Cub Fan). Pick it up at your local Family Christian Stores.

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