Sunday, October 11, 2009

Growing With Purpose by Jon Walker and Rick Warren

It's not often that you come across a Devotional that is quick, simple in its writing, yet complex in its subjects. This devotional by Jon Walker takes numerous principles and in a 1 min. read hits you where you are at almost every day.
I found myself wanting to read his insight as a book of promises vs. a daily devotional.
The other item that I found enjoyable about this, is it is not a 'guilt' devotional.
Now that is a term I use for the DAILY devotionals that have days and even dates on each read. When life hits and you miss a day or 2, or a week, you begin to feel guilted into reading or catching up until finally you just give up.
This devotional has nothing but subject headings!
You can read it as a daily devotional, a study, a topical study, etc...
I highly recommend this to anyone in search of a easy devotional that you will GROW with in a simple yet purposeful manner!

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