Friday, August 14, 2009


I just got back from our district conference with FCS... It was a very GREAT time of getting together with other DM's, learning about what is coming up, and challenging ourselves.

There are 3 products coming out that are huge (Not to mention others that are great as well...)...
1) DVD of Gifted Hands. Gifted Hands is the story of Ben Carson the famed brain surgeon who was a Christian. The movie stares Cuba Goodings Jr. OUTSTANDING!!

2) DVD St. Nicholas! The latest Veggie Movie is the MOST Christian one to date! Excellent story in depth of the story that led St. nick to give to the poor. Don't miss it...

3) GLO: A Bible Software on Steroids. Picture yourself in a sci-fi movie with the virtual gloves on and clicking, highlighting and pulling info around the screen.
That is the way this software works! You can click on a passage and drag it to a Atlas that pops up all the locations or take it to a timeline and see how it fits in with the story of the Bible.

Don't miss any of these items. All available at FAMILY CHRISTIAN STORES!

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