Saturday, February 7, 2009

Get 'cha up to speed...

So, we almost moved... and may yet.
What a way to start a blog.
I received notification this past week that after 3 years with this district I was losing 7 of my 16 stores and gaining 10 others.
I picked up Denver, Co area. Never been there but sure do look forward to it.
The reason... I have been #1 in the company all year bringing up stores who needed help to the top 100 in the company and now I get the last place store in our company, 3 that are in the bottom 10 and 8 who are in the bottom 100.
So lots to do and lots to fix.
Sounds like a challenge..
So no we aren't moving unless I am required too which at this point for cost savings that won't happen. But if you know of anything in CO Let me know!!!

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