Saturday, October 11, 2008

We all Worship Ba'al

Catchy title... guess what though.. It is true.
No I am not saying that Christianity is Ba'al.. FAR FROM IT!!
Ba'al in Hebrew is the equivalent of 'Possessor' 'lord' etc..
It is used primarily as how a man in those days would marry or 'possess' his wife.
That is interesting fact #1...
#2 is this: What was the old testament form of Ba'al? A bull...

So if something possesses us we focus on it and it controls our emotions.
So what American icon does the Bull represent?
Wall Street our financial institutions in America.

So what has possessed us these past months? The rising and falling of the economic issues... from the initial Stimulus packet of early on to the Bail-out of the most present month. We have not been able to get enough... we have allowed our emotions, feelings, thoughts, become 'possessed' by this Ba'al.
Even to the point of creating anxious Churches, Christan's etc...
"Do not let you heart be troubled..." "Be anxious For NOTHING!!"

Don't succumb to the Ba'al of our day... Let Christ fully posses us in every factor including our fiances!

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