Saturday, October 11, 2008

Does God Still work in America?????

I am previewing a film (Part of a team that preview anything new that Family will carry)... IT is called "Finger of God".
It is a very charismatic oriented film.
Yet the premise can be excepted by all of us: God can do amazing things and heal people.
It is a documentary of a skeptic who is searching for the truth!!
It does a great job proclaiming the power of God to heal and do miraculous things!
So here is what has challenged me... It started with the American Ministries who claim healing services etc... I found myself very skeptical.. I mean gems appearing, Manna appearing in Bibles, Gold Dust on people... etc... It seems so strange..
But once we start talking with people overseas I start to find it more believable?
Do I have that much distrust for the genuine nature of the American Church?
I have seen people healed and even been healed as a child of Leukemia myself. Yet I still find it difficult to believe.

But the minute they start showing people healed in Africa, in China etc... I start to believe...

God is calling us all to a life of Power... but we can't see it until we learn to love. These people didn't get healed because they were saved first... They were healed through the LOVE of Christ regardless. Christ stated that we could do what He did. Do you believe it?
I do! I do now! I want to love as He did. I want to be able to love someone to Christ and help heal their wounds, heal their hearts even heal their bodies.
I think that God wants us to just Love someone... Each day Love someone who we don't know, without expecting them to love you back. Show them that God loves them through our love.

"LORD I BELIEVE... Help my Un-belief!"

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