Friday, September 26, 2008

Today is the DAY

Fireproof the Movie Opens in theaters today!!!

See my previous post on the movie...
Some info on this movie. This week movie ticket sales on Fandango represented 44% of their total sales this week. That is more than the Eagle Eye movie that has been played up everywhere...

Facing the Giants did 10-11 million in the box office.

Fireproof is looking to do 8.5MM THIS WEEKEND ALONE!!!

Now that is the power of God as this movie WILL change the lives of Marriages across our country.

Do yourself a favor and go and see this movie this weekend! Here's why it is the best way you can spend an evening:
1. You will see a great movie (I've seen it and it is outstanding!).
2. This movie will strengthen your marriage.
3. You will help run up the box office numbers and keep Fireproof in theaters longer.

The Love Dare book is already #25 on Amazon - and the movie hasn't even hit yet!

Change your life and take your friends and change their life!!

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