Saturday, May 17, 2008

Awakening: Part Two

“I…uh…I…” stammered Micah in a shocked frozen tone, unable to get his brain to think or reason. “I am Domhnall Dubh.” Micah continued to blink for that was the only thing he could control at that moment. Micah stared at the mirror and took in the vision of this creature. It stood at least 10 feet high with a body that had to be at least 12 feet tall if it stood completely straight up. Yet by looking at it Micah could see that it was unable to stand completely erect. Dubh’s body had a head and legs like a goat, yet horns on his head like an OX. His face was similar to a man’s, and his hands and fingers like branches of a vine. His skin looked to Micah as if it were bark, a hairy, flaky, yet hard bark of an oak tree.
“You know me don’t you mortal? I can see it in your eyes. Yet you are confused,” said Dubh. “You invited me here. You worshiped me and called me to entertain you. Are you entertained yet?”
“I don’t know you” these first words came flushing out of Micah’s mouth and even startled him that he found his tongue again. “I don’t know you.” He yelled again, more just to confirm that it was his voice he was hearing.
“Oh but you do” stated a smiling Dubh. “I am that tingle up your spine when you are scared. I am that thing that makes you startle. I am Fear, and I am Pleasure. I came by your invitation and have enjoyed my dwellings for these past years.”
A realization swept over Micah that he was no longer standing in the bathroom staring through the mirror at this creature but actually transported into the very presence of it. He glanced around in a panic looking for just how he got there and a way to get back.
“Just realized how far you have gone I see.” The creature said in a playful and mocking tone. “You humans are all alike. Never realizing what is going on until it is too late. Never looking at the signs all around you until it is too late.” And with that thought a very sinister glare lit up the creature’s evil face. “You are mine now. With each movie you sat through that scared you, you were mine. With each time you gave in to that fear that the evil was real, you were mine. I am Fear. Are you entertained now?”
With that this creature reached down and with fingers that now no longer appeared as branches but as thin razor sharp spears and grabbed hold of Micah. He began to scream as the pain and darkness pierced his body, feeling the heat sear his flesh and begin to boil his blood. All the while in his ears laughter so sinister and screeching pierced his ears and made them begin to bleed. He found that he was screaming now.

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