Saturday, May 17, 2008

Awakening: Part One

By Curtis A. Cecil

Micah sat up with a scream. He was sweating, breathing hard and barely breathing at the same time. His immediate reaction was that the house was on fire as he thought he smelled something burning. Yet looking over at the clock which said 3:00 AM, he realized he had that dream again. What was it going to take to stop these nightmares?
They had been plaguing his dreams randomly for almost 3 years now but lately it seemed they had become more of a nightly occurrence. When the first nightmare came Micah thought it was from too many scary movies. After all a good fright from time to time was what he considered fun entertainment.
Micah considered himself as an expert on all movies whose titles included ‘Scary’, ‘Fright’, ‘Exorcism’, or other random words that are meant to be synonymous with fear. At first the movies scared him, and then little by little they didn’t have the same blood raising effect. So he had to start finding worse ones, bloodier, scarier and so on. Soon after Micah’s nightmares began.
At first they were just scenes from the movies, not that startling just enough to tick him off when he woke up. Then gradually the scenes from the movies included him as the person who was chopped to bits, hit by the bus, or had the chainsaw cut him in half. Lately in his dreams he had been the one using the ax, chainsaw etc… Micah’s wife hated these movies and refused to watch them or allow him to watch them when their 2 kids were around.
As Micah turned to lie back down for the night, he looked into the mirror that was facing out from the bathroom in their master bedroom. In the bottom right left hand corner a pair of red glowing spheres pierced through the dark room and hit his gut with fire. He sat there for almost 5 minutes watching as these glowing spherical cylinders stared at him motionless. Just when he decided it was a reflection of the alarm clock, the glow disappeared and then reappeared as if they were a set of blinking eyes.
Micah sat up straight in bed and then froze as the glowing eyes moved up a foot on the mirror and kept staring at this frozen human on the bed. After another 5 minutes of staring at the mirror and watching these eyes, as they were, blinking, Micah got up and walked towards the bathroom mirror. His heart raced, his hands sweating, his blood grew cold in his veins.
“Hello Micah”, sounded a deep voice from the mirror as these eyes relocated to the top corner of the mirror. The voice sounded southing and sinister in the same breath. Micah, eyes now accustom to the dark, could finally see the creature in the mirror that was talking to him. This creature appeared to be standing 10 feet behind where the mirror was attached to the wall staring at Micah. “Do you know who I am?”

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