Saturday, May 17, 2008

Awakening: Part Six

Laughter filled my ears. I sat straight up and felt the couch spring poke me in the rear at the same time. I stared at the clock it was 3:00 am. Where was I? Was this a nightmare and I was Micah again? Or was the creature visiting me in person for the first time? My eyes were still trying to adjust to the room to find the source of the laughter, but I already knew it in my stomach. The burning sulfur smell had hit me as soon as I awoke. Slowly the eyes came out of the corner of the room moving closer to me. The laughter getting louder with each step the creature took.
“Thank you for my bath today. It was so refreshing” He mocked. “You humans are so funny. You think that stupid priest could help you? No human can help you.” The creature said with a sinister grin on his lips. “Let me tell you about your hero priest. You know that trip to the bathroom he took; it was because he forgot to bring his so called ‘holy water’ so he took some from your toilet stool instead. So if you need any more ‘holy water’ go get it and see if I melt in fear.” The creatures laugh was getting more sinister and evil by the second. “Oh, but make sure it isn’t yellow!” With that he reared his head up with a hideous laughter.
“What do you want?” I yelled at him through his laughter. “I came to tell you that your words and plans are meaningless. You are mine. I own you. I also wanted to tell you about your little savior priest. He was so full of his own religion and pompous attitude he can’t even save a drowning cat. Why did you even bother? You hate his kind just like I do. We are alike.” He said with a quite and friendly looking glance at me.
“We are far from alike.” I yelled wanting to jab at him with anything that might pierce through his bark like skin and rid me of him.
“Oh, that is what you think… You hate those religious fanatics and you love me, for I am FEAR!” He said and then vanished with a haunting laugh.
I sat still for an hour thinking that if I moved he would show up again like the rabbit that haunted Alice; Eyes opening and teeth staring at me ready to devour me at any second. I started thinking about what the creature had said. I did enjoy being entertained by a scary movie, but I didn’t like this feeling of constant fear. But he was right about those religious nuts. I hated them. I’d seen too many of them in my life; their noses in the air and their Bibles in their hands. When I had been younger my mother and I lived 10 blocks away from one of their preacher colleges. She went to them more than once asking for help with bills that she couldn’t afford since my father left us. But no one would listen. They all said “We’ll pray for you.” So she worked 3 jobs and was never home. Finally one day she drove into the path of an oncoming semi. The police said she fell asleep, but I know better. She hated living. She hated life and decided that hitting that ultimate delete key was the best plan.
The next morning the door bell rang. It was Pastor Ron from Family Church of Johnson Center. “Good morning William. Hope you and Shelly are well. I was just coming over to say hello.” “Whatever, you are here because she called you about my dreams” I interjected. “Well, you could say that I am concerned and so is Shelly that you are having nightmares that won’t go away. They are affecting your sleep, your job, your family and other things. Don’t you think you should try to take care of this situation?”
“I did try. I called one of your colleagues and he didn’t do a thing. Sprayed some toilet water all over the house and called it cured. Shelly did you ever check the fine silver; he may have helped himself for the building fund.” I threw the last one in to irritate this new want to be hero.

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