Saturday, May 17, 2008

Awakening: Part Eight

The buzzer on the alarm went off; I looked at the clock and saw 3:00 am. I jumped out of my bed and walked the house; Calling on this creature to show himself again. “Come on you coward. You Fear. Show yourself to me…” Finally, I heard a reply. “Since when do you call me? Here I have been the one calling you. Have you decided that we aren’t that much different now?” Yet before the words could fully leave the creatures mouth I saw FEAR hit his eyes when as he saw what I held in my hand; A Bible. He tried to cover it up with a laugh, “A Bible, what are you going to read me to a laughing stupor?”
“No. But I am going to read.” I then repeated the verse my wife had read. “Fear? I am Fear, why read me such a ridiculous verse.” The creature bellowed with laughter. “I could have told you that I wasn’t from a god. I am a god.” He quivered.
“Oh, I didn’t read it for you. I read it for me.” I said with renewed strength. “I am here to do what the priest couldn’t, but not with water or even words from a book. I summoned you here to tell you out of my heart, just one small phrase, no just one name.” I could see recognition hitting his eyes.
“I am Micah of my dreams. Yet, I promise you that he was my old self, a fearful man playing with a fire he didn’t know or understand. I am William and I am filled with a new strength that gives me the power and knowledge to stand up against you. Domhnall Dubh as you called yourself in one of my dreams. That was the name that people of ancient called you. Today we call you the Devil. I am here to tell you that you will plague me no longer. I will not let you.”
With that a softer, yet still strong nervous laugh escaped from his mouth. “You think I am just going to leave you alone because you said pretty please. Or that you learned that Domhnall Dubh was what the ancient Scotts called me. Let me tell you something…”
“NO!” I shouted. “Let me tell you. You have no power over me, or my family. I command you IN THE NAME OF JESUS leave this house.”
In a flash that seemed to last hours, I heard the scream that rose up from the very depths of hell screaming, not in hate but in shear anguish and pain at those words. I yelled them again “IN THE NAME OF JESUS LEAVE!”
In an instance, he was gone. Never again have I dreamed of myself as Micah. Never again have I felt the eyes staring at me, or awakened to those evil red spheres glaring at me. From time to time though when we have moved to new towns and visited friend’s homes I have sensed the slight feeling of his presence; I have smelt the slight smell of burning sulfur.
It scares me when I hear of others who I know and care for who are playing with the creature’s fires. Fear, Pleasure and Desire are all names he goes by. Yet the name all know him by after they meet him is Regret.
How I wish I could share with everyone I meet all my nightmares and my AWAKENING!

All items contained in this story are the property of the Author and can not be copied in any form without written permission. Copyright May 2008 by Curtis Cecil

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