Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Love IOWA; hate the Phone Calls

I have had it... My phone is ringing every 5 min's at least with another call from a political campaign.
So I decided to change my answering machine message. I think all of you here in Iowa who have been getting these calls for almost 6 months now will appreciate this.
A transcript is to follow. If you want to hear it live call the house and check it out.

"The following is a non-paid public service message to all Iowan's:
Are you tired of sifting through the political mail and phone calls in order to decide who you'll vote for this election year?
Well, let me introduce a REVOLUTIONARY new idea!
Pick the one who calls the LEAST!
Sorry Romney that would not be you.
So If you're hearing this message and are calling on behalf of a candidate:
do them a favor; Take me off your list.
I mean, come on! Isn't 28 calls from 1 candidate in 1 day a bit much!"

Don't get me wrong, I fully believe in voting and personally have already made up my mind who would get my vote if he is nominated. And guess what, he is the one who is sending the LEAST amount of mail and phone calls. Although alot have been sent about him.

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