Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Caucusing we go... a Caucusing we go...

Hi, Hoe, for Huckabee... A Caucusing we go....

So this was my first experiencing with an Iowa Caucus.
I always hated voting before as I felt like my one vote out of thousands was worthless.
But to be in a room with 161 people and see that your vote made a very real difference does remind you that the voting system is important.
It was a great experience and if you have never gone and have lived in Iowa longer then me (Only here 2 years) then you had better make a decision to go.
It is worth it.
I should mention that I sat next to a gentleman from Nigeria. He had flown from Washington to watch the process. He was a memeber of the embasy. Pretty cool.

All though it sounds like the Democrats have more fun as they try to coerce you to change parties... I might try that and see if I can get some money, new car something....
What you think they'll give me for my vote?

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