Friday, November 2, 2007

I recieved the following today on the 1st:
Last week on Wednesday, Tawne's mom had fluid drained off of her lungs. They said she may have to come back in a couple of weeks to do it again. However, when we went to see her on Sunday she was having trouble breathing. The doctor advised us to take her to the hospital for an x-ray to see if the fluid had built up again. It had, so on Monday they tried to do it again but ran into obstruction (tumors). The cancer was growing very rapidly.
On Tuesday, they went in laprocopically, scraped the lung and injected powder into the sack around the lung to work as a "glue." The lung collapes, then they inflate it and it adheres to the sack so that fluid doesn't build up around the lung.
Yesterday, the doctors informed us that her kidneys were shutting down. They tried hydrating her through I.V.'s but it didn't help.
She was scheduled to move to the Hospice House on Saturday. I don't know at this point whether they will just keep her at the hospital or not, since they're talking less than a week is all she has.
Please pray for her family. Euanna is actually doing very well with all of this, it's the daughters I'm concerned with.
Thanks for your prayers,
George (Dad)

So you can imagine right now I am very concerned for my mom.
It is tough to be so far from home during these times.
Makes you want to leave everything and go home.
Please pray.

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