Thursday, November 1, 2007


I would ask for your prayers for my family.
My grandmother is back in the hospital due to fluid on the lungs.
The doctor drained the fluid last Thursday and said that it may have to be done every week or so.
Well, Saturday it had filled up again.
So Tuesday they went in a put a powder around the lung to try and stop this.
She has not recovered well from this.
But when they performed this they found that the cancer is in more places then they had known.
The doctor said that generally they rate cancer on a 1 to 4 scale, 4 being bad anything above that means there is not much time. They rated her between a 5 and 6.
She will be released to Hospice this week and is not expected to make it beyond the month.
Pray for my family and my mother and aunts are watching her and at this point she is very confused. It is very hard on them to help or deal with her when she wakes up and is talking nonsense.

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