Wednesday, July 4, 2007

At the beginning of the year I had the oppurtunity to go with the James Fund (The non-profit arm of Family Christian STores) to Mexico to a group we help support. Back 2 Back Ministries, work back to back with childrens homes ran by locals in Mexico. It is a tough country as none of these children are orphaned or even able to be adopted. The parents do not sign off their rights. So when the children reach the end of 8th grade they are expelled from the homes. This, and their desire to be loved, creates a need to marry. You see many young marriages in Mexico but then they have kids and can't afford to live so they give them back into the same homes they grew up in.
It is a sad and viscious cycle that needs to be broken. Back to Back is doing that. The James Fund and others help to support their homes where these kids can come and live with a family (about 8-9 boys or girls at a time). Their education in High School and College is paid for, their room and board, food is all cared for. But most of all they are shown the Love of Christ in and through everything. This helps to get them on the right track.
The below is something I wrote when I first got back from Mexico. I thought I would repost it on here.

"I spent a few hours with Alejandra and Esmeralda. We slid down a long slide, laughed at each other, they called me a “crazy Monkey” in both Spanish and English. Then I was marched around the campus being ‘taught’ Spanish. They would point at an item (Most the time I had no clue what they were pointing at) and tell me the Spanish word. They were very patient with my pronunciations and English accent. Most of all we laughed at each other and just enjoyed being in each others companies.
Alejandra is like many girls her age. She loves to laugh, to run, to put together crafts and many other things that young girls her age do. In all the running and laughing it is hard to imagine that Alejandra has also felt more hurt than many adults. Alejandra was left by her parents for a reason I do not know, financial reasons are the most prevalent. She is living with numerous other children in Casa De Hogar Douglas. No one to tuck her in at night, and kiss her check to let her know she is loved; No one to celebrate her A at school, or to attend sporting events with her if she were able to play. No one to kneel with her and teach her how to pray to her Heavenly Father. No one to love her as a parent should. Yet, in all her hurt she has a smile to show to all.
If you are like me when you see this young child so happy you can’t fully understand. The reason is people like Back 2 Back that you and your staff are helping to support through the James Fund. We only send trips down for small amounts of time. These are the folks who are their day in and day out with these children. They are helping to ensure that Alejandra will be able to continue her education and smile even brighter on her Graduation day and that she will have someone there to support her, her family at Back 2 Back. Your work is helping these folks to work and support these kids. Let’s ensure that Alejandra and many others like her make it to their Graduation day and learn more about God’s love through their friends, the James Fund."
Check out this video I made of some of my Photos!

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