Wednesday, May 22, 2013

7 Men: And the Secret of Their Greatness

If you were to sit down and try to list out 7 men who you felt were influential in not only who you are as an individual but who helped to shape our world... who would they be?  Now these are not just men who made discoveries etc.. but men who showed TRUE character!

In 7 Men: And the Secret of Their Greatness by Eric Metaxas he picks the 7 most influential for him.
Eric Metaxas is best known now for New York Times Best Seller Bonhoeffer.  And just like that book Eric takes you through these men's lives in a SIMPLE, Close, and profound way!

You will learn about these 7 men in a whole new way: George Washington, William Wilberforce, Eric Liddell, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Jackie Robinson, Pope John Paul II, and Charles W. Colson.

Each chapter will challenge you through the way he looks at their lives, their Issues, their FAILURES, and their FAITH.  While I knew about these men, I didn't KNOW these men.  Eric brings you into their personal faith and how that plays out in their lives.

For all who love history this is a great book that will challenge you in your faith!

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for sending a free copy for my enjoyment.  In no way was I forced to write a pleasing review.  This book just earned it!

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