Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sketch Monsters

Anyone who works with kids can tell you that their personalities can change depending on their comfort level in the environment around them.
This book Sketch Monsters shows just that issues.

Here is what the publisher had to say:

Tony’s nervous about his first day at a new school. Instead of acting normally, he tries being the
class clown, the teacher’s pet, and sadly… even the bully. He draws his other identities as
MONSTERS in his sketchbook. But Tony’s monsters escape all over the school! Thankfully,
Mandy also goes to Tony’s school and can lend a helping hand! Can Tony and Mandy catch all of
the new Sketch Monsters before they demolish the school?!

This book follows a boy who in trying to fit I does all sorts of things he doesn't want to or even realize he was doing. From being the class clown to the class bully we discover the monsters that he has created. We also watch as with the help of a friend he takes them on one at a time.

This is a great book to illustrate to kids that it is okay to be fearful of a new environment. Just not okay to act up in that environment. Help them to see and realize that they simply can be themselves.

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