Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day Six of the Journey

Hard to believe we have been in China for this long. It seems longer in some ways, like missing my kiddos. Yet in others it seems so new!

Today we went to Qianling Mountain Park. It was amazing. As you wall there are monkeys everywhere. And yes they are wild.

We had to have seen over 200 of them. It was amazing and Ella loved it. She was having so much fun pointing them out.

At the top of the park was a Buddhist temple. Strange walking through as a non buddhist yet to be in a temple over 500 years old is amazing.

So tomorrow we are going to a CAVE!!! Much to Mandy's disdain. Unfortunately the largest waterfall in China was too far. It would have been an all day trip and tomorrow's outing was not covered under our travel fee's. So we needed to keep it semi simple since the car alone is $1000. ($1000 RMB).
We will post our pictures later and link to them.

Thanks for all the prayers

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