Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day Eighteen of our Jouney

Well it is wrapping up.
This morning we were sworn in wife about ten other families for our adoption.
We went over all the papers. In doing so they found one small error in a document called the abandonment certificate. This has to show where the child has been from the point of being found till now. The adoption home in Chen FuYi or Ella's province didn't fully do that. But our guide resolved it today.
So tomorrow we check out. Then go pick up our visa's and travel about 4 hours to Hong Kong by bus.
So today we went back to Shamian Island to get a few more gifts, eat lunch and walk the river. Nice and relaxing. Then tonight we went to a small side street that was filled with fruits and veggies. We bought some oranges and bananas.
On the way back we met a guy on the corner and bought 3 KILO'S of a green leafy substance. I am sure we can get through customs. After all it is just tea. Had to get some good loose leaf tea before heading home.
Well tonight is our last night in Guizhou and the second to last night in China. There are reasons I hate to go and reasons I can't wait.
For starters why i hate to go:
Life is slower and simpler
You can find genuine people here who smile!
I don't miss work.
I love the variety of flavors in their snacks. Ever had ritz crackers and lemon cream? Or a strawberry or banana flavored twinky?

Why I can't wait to her home:
I miss my kids!! My babies!!
I am tired of fast food and eating out.
I want a real steak and some good italian!
I miss my church family and friends.
My small group family

But my kids are the biggest. I miss them and can't wait to be home.
Love you guys

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