Friday, August 10, 2012

Leading The Way Through Ephesians by Michael Youssef

I recently received the title Leading The Way Through Ephesians by Michael Youssef.
I received it free from the publisher to review, and in no way did they ask me to review it in a specific way.

In fact... as you'll see It wasn't my favorite.

First off here is what the publisher has to say:

Throughout the book of Ephesians, Paul refers to “the riches of God’s grace,” “our riches in Christ,” and “the riches of His glory” as he reminds believers of the spiritual treasures they already possess in Christ.
Leading the Way through Ephesians applies these great truths in such practical areas of the Christian life as
  • enduring trials, suffering, and persecution
  • maintaining the unity of the church through Christian love
  • living out the gospel in our marriages and family relationships
  • praying with power
  • maintaining our armor against the attacks of Satan
Through sound teaching, vibrant illustrations, a brisk conversational style, and a discussion guide that applies God’s truth to the realities of the twenty-first century, Leading the Way through Ephesians will show readers the way to a stronger, more active, more dynamic faith.

I came to this book with 2 things in mind: Either one it is a book that helps you in Leadership, but upon reading the discription I found that was not true.  Or then second a commentary on the scripture.

While this title intends to be a Commentary/Bible Study on Ephesians it fell short of that and in my mind became a personal comment session by the Author.

Personally I LOVE reading commentaries and gaining others perspectives on verses but I want the whole vs. and context.  The writting style of this author was to give a long context and then make the point with a verse.  Personally I like the style of sharing the verse and context and then giving your data...

So in all this is a well written book but due to my personal preference I found it as not appealing to me.

I still look forward to reading his work on Daniel and giving it another shot.

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