Friday, August 10, 2012

All Pooped Out: And other Gross Expressions

So I think those of you who know me know why I picked this book...
I received it free as well from the publisher..
Bathroom knowledge books are my favorite and I am full of useful information...

Here is the publishers words:
Farting around. Foaming at the mouth. Coughing up a lung. Have you ever heard these crazy expressions? People use them even when no one's really farting, dealing with a foamy face, or losing a lung. That's because these sayings are idioms—phrases that mean something different than what the words in them actually say. But don't let idioms make you sweat blood. Let's explore a variety of gross idioms and figure out what people really mean when they use them.

I picked this book up thinking it was the Stories behind how these phrases came to be.
Instead it is a book for kids explaining what these different phrases mean.
Things such as Sweating Blood, Going to Hurl, etc...

So if you have a younger child of reading age who wants a laugh and you want to teach them some meaning behind the strange things we say then this 36 page book is perfect for you.

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