Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thoughts on Haiti

I wrote this on my trip back from Haiti.

The trip is over and I am sitting in the airport in Port au prince.
what now?  There is a beauty and resilliance to this people; yet also a deep anguish and depression/ possession.
the boys I met will be ingrained in my head
SHADRACH been with Tom the longest
Herson the pastor to be
Simpson the youth leader
Winkinson the sing leader
Deckenson the strong and caring
Or Jovan the blind yet adaptive
Robinson: the athletic yet cool.
Adriano the earnest and sincere
Kimberley the beautiful
Jonathan the shooter
To the river walk with
Blake the jumper
Jeanetta the quiet.

These and many more will be on my heart and prayers.
Yet above them is Tom and his love for HIS children
Dave and Sherry who gave up their homes to live in Haiti.

From cracked marbles that were a bit rough in spots to the faces all torn with loss.
That is what I want to remember.
not the heat that really wasn't bad.
Or the food which was great

Nor the smell of the river children gathered around in the same clothing maybe their only clothing.
The smell which could have over whelmed became a blessing. 

So many moments and thoughts that I will keep with me for a lifetime.  Yet none other then those small comments above can be expressed in words.  The other moments were too personal or private for sharing.  They are more mental pictures, feelings or emotions that are difficult to put in words. 
I have been to many countries, and led many missions trips.  This one, mid trip, dawned on me that I was not leading and I began to experience the country.  The hurts, the pains, and the children living in this land.
My heart was broken for these boys standing on the corner begging for water from us as we drove by, and the boys from the home handing them bottles of our half drank waters in order to satisfy them.
I will not soon forget this experience.
Nor do I want to........

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