Friday, July 27, 2012

Teaching Children when to Cry

I recently received a book from Childpress Books.
The boy who cried at Everything.  by Betsy Childs.

I have to say it was an okay book.  The theme behind the book was to teach a younger child when is it okay to cry and when isn't it okay.

As a father of 4, and soon to be 6, children under the age of 10; I understand what this title is trying to do.  I have a three year old son who currently wants to cry at everything.  "I want a Drink"  "In a min." "I WANT IT NOW!!" and the tears begin...

The premise of the book was great.  The illustrations while simple did make the point.  Yet I am left feeling as though I just had the salad and I am still waiting on the steak.

The book, don't get me wrong, may work for a older child who understands better and who can visualize and understand the hurt that is portrayed that shows when it is okay to cry.  Yet for a younger child like my 3 year old he just cried that he wanted it read again...

So again: If you have an older then 5 year old this book may work for them depending on their personality and experiences that they have experienced.  Maybe it isn't a bird, but a cat they loved that died or was ran over.  Maybe they have experienced the loss of a family member. 
Yet to a younger then 5 who doesn't fully have the capacity to distinguish between hurt, pain, grief or just plane want... this book does little to help address the issue...

Now if you buy the hardcover and you hit them over the head with it... JUST KIDDING!!

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