Friday, July 27, 2012

Not your (MY) mothers Christian Film...

So tonight I watched a film that I had been really wanting to watch, but yet at the same time I was putting off seeing.
Now I know that is an oxymoron but it is truth.  And it is a great depiction of this film as well.

The movie was “Machine Gun Preacher” the story of Sam Childres.
You can read multiple different reviews on this film.  It was very controversial since it was a story of FAITH but rated R and filled with violence.

In the first 10 min’s the film would turn any Christian watching it for Christian Values (Or at least make them blush).  From the on screen, yet not visible, sex in a car to extreme profanity, violence and alcohol and Drug abuse scenes… yet all these items are in context and are used to build the Character of the man.

This man who was a biker gang member who upon getting out of jail finds his wife had gone ‘religious’.  Yet in a turn of events he realizes there has to be something more and in a non-dramatic scene we find him believing and being baptized.  There weren’t angels, there weren’t shouts from him but a sort of groggy sense of awe.

We again see that same feeling when he arrives back from a trip to Northern Uganda to help with construction of a mission.  He, unlike the other members, wanted to see the truth of the war.  And did he ever…  His soon to be friend Deng took him to a village where the children would come each night in order to not be abducted. 

Finally he senses God’s call to build an orphanage and a Church.  One in American and one in Sudan.  This is the story of the trials and floods that he goes against.  You will be pulled into the reality of this war that has been waged for 30+ years and that has taken the lives of over 400,000 people.  You will feel his anguish, his hurt, and his anger.

There were two parts of this movie that moved me the most outside of the general message of Orphan care that you all know is my passion. 
First: When he is arriving back in the states after his monumental first trip.  You see on his face the unspoken emotion of one whose world has just been changed.  I have been there.  From my first visit to a squatters village in Mexico, or a small tribal village in Guatemala; but most vividly in the post earthquake Haiti where orphans begged for water on every street corner; where bodies are still being found among the ruble…  I understood this vague look of heartache.

Second: we watch as Sam’s story progress’ and eventually we see what happens to most of us who become passionate about something.  We come up against opposition and we want to quit.  Sam didn’t; but once he kept going he began to see others who didn’t understand his passion, or share his passion as unworthy of being called Christians.  His passion became the only true passion of Christ instead of one means of showing God’s passion. 

I would HIGHLY recommend this film to all of you who wish to learn more about what one man is doing in Sudan/Uganda.  I do not recommend it for those who are easily offended.  This Machine Gun Preacher lives up to his name not only with his gun but with his mouth.

There is a quick note from the Real Sam at the end of the film in the credits that says in essence that I know that I may not have gone about this the best or right way at times… but  "If a madmen abducted your child or a family member and I said I could bring them home, does it matter how I bring them home?"

So to sum it all up: Don't watch it with the kids.  But don't watch it if you don't want your heart pulled out, trampled on cause you will finish asking yourself (I Hope) What on earth am I doing!!

This movie is not about Sam Childers. It’s about you. What are you going to do?

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