Friday, February 10, 2012

The Voice Bible Translation... is it Emergent or Convergent

Have you ever watched a movie?  Okay, dumb question as even a 2 week old has watched a movie recently. 

So unless you are Amish, let me rephrase that question: Have you ever read a book and pictured the MOVIE in your head?   Growing up I did that to every book I ever read.  It could be Lord of The Rings (Which I read at age 7), the Chronicles of Narnia that I read not long after that, or most importantly and life impacting was the Bible.

The Bible is filled with so many stories, many of which films have been made about (Still waiting on Balaam’s Donkey to come to the Theaters!).  But there is now a BIBLE that helps you to read the beautiful stories of the Bible in a very picturesque sort of view.
I received a free e-book format copy of the New Testament of The VOICE Bible Translation to review from Thomas Nelson.  I am not paid for this review and am only expressing my likes and dislikes for the version itself. 

Here is the information from Thomas Nelson on this title:
The VoiceTM  Bible translation is a faithful dynamic translation of the Scriptures done as a collage of compelling narratives, poetry, song, truth, and wisdom. The Voice calls the reader to step into the whole story of Scripture and experience the joy and wonder of God's revelation. Created for and by a church in great transition, The Voice uniquely represents collaboration among scholars, pastors, writers, musicians, poets, and other artists, giving great attention to the beauty of the narrative. The heart of The Voice is retelling the story of the Bible in a form as fluid as modern literary works yet remaining painstakingly true to the original manuscripts. This translation promotes the public reading of longer sections of Scripture-followed by thoughtful engagement with the biblical narrative in its richness and fullness and dramatic flow.
This is an updated and revised version of the New Testament edition, now at an even more affordable price.
Features include:
  • Italicized information added to help contemporary readers understand what the original readers would have known intuitively
  • In-text commentary notes include cultural, historical, theological, or devotional thoughts
  • Screenplay format, ideal for public readings and group studies
  • Book introductions
·  Step into the story of Scripture
·  A revised version of the New Testament, based on the completed The Voice full Bible
·  A bold new translation that will engage you like no other Bible
·  See the artistic beauty of God's words to His people
·  Connect/reconnect with God in a closer relationship

This is not a denominationally driven re-writing of scripture.  But it is an effort to connect this life changing message with a new generation. 

What I found that I liked the most out of this is:

1) The simplistic, plain, yet profound adaption of scripture that just sticks out.
Many of the passages just jump out as I read through my favorite stories of the Gospels, James, and many other passages.

2) The sections I thought of as setting the scene or plot sections that help us to understand what was being ‘implied’ by the authors. 

3) The sections marked V take the passage and help apply them to you.  Imagine the Study notes section.  These have multiple contributors including many authors, artists and speakers.

Concerns I have heard:

When this title was first in production all I heard as a bookseller was “This is an EMERGENT driven Bible”.  I have to 100% fully disagree.  I personally do not agree with the theological content of some, not all, emergent pastors so this is not to be taken as a defense of or attack on the Emergent Church.  We both serve the same God and seek to draw people to Him, disciple and make them more like Christ.  We are on the same team.

I really read this with a ‘critical’ mindset trying to find the theology hidden in it.  It’s not there.  Hebrews is still Hebrews, Matthew is still there.. James still is about DOING IT, Paul is still about Grace! Etc..  The Bible is still intact and complete.  I do believe that the Holy Spirit was working in the translation of this piece as He did when the Apostles originally wrote it in Greek.


This is a fresh, vibrant and powerful new look at the scripture that treats it with the RESPECT that it should have, and ensures that the translation has the ACCURACY that it must.

This is my NEW devotional Bible for sure.  Take a look at it yourself and I am sure you will love it.

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