Monday, February 13, 2012

Mark Twain's Tales of Mystery

I received another Ebook to review.  This time it is Mark Twain’s Tales of Mystery.
As a huge fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works of Mystery and Edger Allen Poe’s works as well, I was very excited to read this work.

Yet as I got into the first chapter I found myself bogged down by the ‘old’ style writing and language that was incorporated.  I understand the philosophy was that Huck Finn was writing the book, and they the phonetic spellings and other nuances; yet I had a tough time getting beyond that and into the meat of the story…  I finally felt that I was making it through this and the vendor had only supplied 20 pages of the book and thus cut the reviewer off.  Talk about a cliff hanger.

So the ultimate question I ask myself is: Was this cliff hanger enough to make me run out and buy this book so as to finish?  Or was it enough to turn me off on the title?

Unfortunately I have to honestly say it was the later.  It took too long to get into the story and I really find myself not wanting to start again to get into the title…

If you are a fan of Mark Twain and a fan of mystery do not let my review deter you.  I hope you will go out and purchase this, I simply am not a fan of the style of writing that this work portrayed.  To each their own.

Here is what the Vendor had to say about the work:
Sherlock Holmes in America? Mark Twain a character in his own stories? Can it be true?
True indeed, dear reader, as Mark Twain makes his mark on the mystery genre with this collection of short stories by the grand master himself! Including "A Double Barreled Detective Story," "Tom Sawyer, Detective," "A Murder, a Mystery, and a Marriage," and "The Stolen White Elephant," delight as Twain breaks convention and bends cherished characters to tell stories that are wholly his own.

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