Friday, February 17, 2012

The Doctrine of Adoption

I am adopted… There I said it.  It’s true, but not as you might think.  This adoption brings me hope, not dismay.  It is an adoption about a FUTURE not a past.  You see my adoption is not one of the physical sense.  While I am the youngest child of my parents and there are 5 ½ years to my next sibling; and though I really thought for years I had to have been adopted, I am not.

The adoption I am speaking of is one of the SPIRITUAL sense.  I am adopted as a Son of God.  Not to be confused with THE Son of God who is ONLY Jesus.  Yet I am adopted.  Being granted the same authority, the same power etc… 

I just finished a short, but powerful thesis on the doctrine of Adoption.  What is the Doctrine of Adoption by Michael Milton is a book I received for free to review from P&R Publishing. 

This book is a very short, yet detailed look at the doctrine of Adoption.  While not specifically on Adoption as an act such as we are doing as a family; but the doctrine of our Adoption to being co-heirs with Jesus.

This book, while relatively short makes for a simple, yet profound read.  It comes at it not from a Calvinist, Armenian, Lutheran etc.. approach but from a GOD approach to Adoption.   It does at times lean towards a Calvinist mindset, yet with solid examples.

My favorite example given is that of our adoption in to God’s family.  The one Body of Christ.  And that it is our duty as adopted children to become part of the family but not neglecting the family. 

I am adopted.  By God, who has called me His son and to whom I can cry out “ABBA, FATHER!”

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