Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another book started...

I've written many books and never finished.... what a fleeting beast is this muse...

I just came back across this introduction to a book Idea and outline that I have... this was VERY fitting to where I am right now tonight...

“What did I ever do to you” Finding faithfulness in God during the difficult times

Ever had a time where you were found looking for something and not being able to find it? You all know what I mean.  For some it is those glasses you always misplace only to find them on your head.  Others it is the car keys you can’t find until you look in the ignition of your car.

Recently my 2 year old had to get glasses to correct a tendency to go cross eyed.  This deficiency in his eye sight gave him no depth perception and slowed down his fine motor skills.  So we got him the glasses.  Yet did he want to wear them?  Of course not.  He did what any good 2 year old BOY does and tried to hide them.  After 3 days of searching the entire house and even sticking our hands down register vents to feel around I had found 2 stuffed animals, a dozen small toys but no glasses.  Finally one afternoon when we went to put a game away we found them inside a tote we used for toys.  There they were, pretty much in plain sight.

Recently I had one of these moments in my spiritual life.  A moment where multiple things were crashing around me.  It came in the midst of one of the highest moments of my life as well.  This left me with this nagging question to God “WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU??”  Have you ever been there before?  Thinking that God had lost a key element of who He is suppose to be?  Faithful! Or maybe is it that I just expect him to be?

It wasn’t until I mentally screamed the above to God that it hit me. 

I was searching through the Topical Bible to find more about God’s nature of being Faithful.  I wasn’t finding much.  “AH-HA”!  That is why I feel like He is allowing all this to happen… and then it hit me.  I was looking for it all spelled out “THIS IS HOW GOD IS FAITHFUL *FOR DUMMIES” and it wasn’t there.  But when I started flipping through I found it was all through-out.  Each book, each story was a picture of God’s Faithful Character.  In each chapter of the Bible we find a story of Faithfulness to us.  This is OUR story.  This is a picture of what we can expect: Not everything was perfect, right, or even seemed justified but God was faithful to His beloved people.

Finding God's faithfulness in the mundane...  in the hurt.

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