Monday, October 17, 2011

God's Story, Your Story by Lucado

Through out my life I can pin point how Stories changed my life.

Growing up I enjoyed hearing stories of what my Grand Parents were like, When I was 10 I started researching my family tree.  Through that I learned of stories such as an ancestor who was made to give up his children to the neighbors when his wife was dying because she didn't think he could raise them.
Or the minister who the red coats came in and killed his cattle, so he took up arms.  Did I meantion he was a Quaker minister?  He got mad, and told the family that he was going hunting.  He joined the militia and actually years later recieved an Acomodation for Bravery in Battle years later, which let the family know the truth of what he had done.

Or even College where I had a professor bring History to life by telling the 'stories' of history.

Even later in life as my grandmother was dying from cancer, we connected on a level that I had never connected with her before.  She shared stories about her upbringing and parents that even my mother didn't know.
Did I mention my Great-Grandfather played on the Chicago Staleys (the fore-runner to the Chicago Bears?).  Also he was a prize fighter in Chicago. 

In learning about one's history you can learn about yourself.  That was my draw to the fmaily stories. 

As a Christian there are 2 ways to look at scripture.  A lot of rules, regulations and old stuff that doesn't apply to me.  Or the way it should be is that the Bible is a STORY or narative of God's love for us.

In Max Lucado's book "God's Story, Your Story" we hear about some of the stories that add value and knowledge to our faith.

I have always enjoyed Max Lucado due to his simple way of catching your attention.  He writes simply, and profoundly all at once.  He explains in ways that anyone can understand.

Walk with Max as he takes you through the Bible and brings to light the naratives and stories that we all need to remember to help us make it through this life.

I hope you will read and learn how God has written you the narrative that we are playing out.  This will give you direction and hope!

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