Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Love and Respect Experience by Eggerichs

If you have ever tried to do a 'Couples' devotional you probably have stopped not too far into it.... I am talking to the GUYS in the couple. The ladies may have continued, finished and loved it. But there is just something about most devotionals that turn a guy off. Maybe it is the continual push on 'feelings', emotions, and talking. Or maybe it is just the authors, many of which are women writting to men... This devotional is written with Men in mind. This ties into my post that will be published on the 23rd about Courageous the movie and how we as MEN need to stand up and lead our homes. So the challenge is, do you as men want to set the example for your children to read the scriptures and to study what God has for you? THEN DO IT! With 52 Chapters to be used as you determine, weekly etc... It makes for a simple devotion. Check out this book and be sure to complete it TOGETHER! Some of the chapters that really stick out were: God Joins you together - He will keep you together Her Pink plus His Blue equals God's Purple Feelings Aren't FACTS - Always sort it out John Wooden (OH YEAH!!! YOU know it is a GUYS devo now!!!) Your Children Are Watching Thanks to Thomas Nelson for suppling this free book for me to read and review.

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