Monday, August 22, 2011

Another update on the adoption!

Okay, so July 22nd was my last post. Today is August 22nd, 1 month later and a lot has taken place.
Tonight was our first Home Study visit… but lets back up.
So July we were still working on paperwork etc.. We received a call that they wanted to do our home study first visit the first week of August. We were already planning a trip to Indiana for vacation and then I had a work conference so we couldn’t make it… I sent an email to them and stated we couldn’t be there, oh and by the way if you do it the first of each month I’ll be in Mexico on a missions trip in September.
So we worked out to do it on Monday the 29th. Then yesterday we get a call after church that we needed to do it THIS week… So tonight we had our first meeting, and turned in about 85% of our paperwork!

But let’s step back, since tonight we had to pay our fee’s for the adoption Home Study. This was $2,122. So while we were in Indiana/Michigan we went to a family reunion with Mandy’s mother’s side. It was a fun and relaxing weekend. But the thing that was a GOD thing was that they took up an offering and gave it to us for the adoption. It was $1321! That with what we had saved up came just in time to pay this!

Things are still moving and moving fast. With the large amount of our paperwork in we will be finishing the Home Study in less then 4 weeks. So keep praying!

And I will try to keep you updated in less then 1 month this time!

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